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The Curve Wallet

Next Gen Wallet

Next Gen Features

The Browser To Blockchain

All-In-One Wallet Solution

Decentralised Exchange


ICO Investing

ICO Pooling

ICO Staking

Portfolio Tracking

Fiat Gateway

Fully Interoperable Wallet

Nuke Button

Nuke Your Portfolio

Effortlessly convert all coins into ETH, BTC, or a stable coin

Convert back and keep your profits

Never miss another BTC bullrun

Pick a percentage to convert

CURV Token


All CURV holders have voting rights for which ICOs Curve should pursue to have listed on our platform.

Fee Discounts

Trading fee discounts if paid with CURV.


Create and run your own pooling smart contract when you hold enough CURV tokens.


CryptoCurve buys back a percentage of tokens every quarter and burns them.


Lock up your CURV tokens and receive free airdrops from ICOs.


  • Company Founded Q3 2017
    CryptoCurve was conceptualized
  • First Product Q3 2017
    Uncapped ETH ICO pooling
  • Curve Token Sale Q2 2018
    CURV public token sale.
  • Wanchain Wallet Functionality Q2 2018
    Basic wallet functionality on Curve main site.
  • Wanchain ICO Pooling Q3 2018
    Allow custom pooling for Wanchain ICOs
  • Buy Into ICOs From Curve Wallet Q3 2018
    Allow users to participate in ICOs directly from wallet.
  • Wanchain Interoperability Q4 2018
    Cross-chain functionality.
  • Ethereum ICO Pooling Q4 2018
    Ethereum ICO pooling on Curve
  • Portfolio Tracking Q4 2018
    Allow users to track their assets on the Curve platform.
  • Wanchain Decentralised Exchange Q1 2019
    Cross-chain trading on the Curve platform
  • Nuke Function Q1 2019
    Allow users to liquidate percentages of their portfolio automatically into BTC ETH or a stable coin.
  • Fiat Gateway Q2 2019
    Allow users to purchase cryptocurrency directly through mobile application with bank account or credit card.


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