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ANAB Accredited Machine Shop in New Jersey    
At Altech Machine and Tool you will find a dedicated team of experienced professionals willing to take on your most demanding manufacturing challenges.

Our specialty is the designing and building of complete custom tooling, with and emphasis on production metal stamping.

We use a state of the art vision system for automated vision and touch-probe inspection, and make custom fixtures and processes to ensure your tolerance specifications.

Our experience and capabilities allow us to build lasting and beneficial relationships with our customers. Please browse through our website to see how we might be of service to your company.

Altech Machine & Tool, Inc.
230 Bank Street
Midland Park, NJ 07432

201 - 652 - 4409
    Altech Machine and Tool, Inc. Metal stamping, Midland Park, Nj 07642
Altech Machine and Tool, Midland Park, New Jersey     Technology drives our company!. One example is our OGP MVP SmartScope,
an automatic non-contact measurement system with full CNC control. It is used
to make it easy to create part routines using video and multi-sensor metrology.
Loaded with different touch-probes and multi-sensor capabilities, the SmartScope measurement system is an excellent way to offer our customers  precision and reliability with confidence.


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