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DDOT's wiki is a collaborative platform where DDOT staff can document and share information about the work they are doing for the agency and the District at large. For more information about how to properly utilize DDOT's wiki, please see the d. wiki 101, which features FAQsa style guidevideo tutorials and information about how to request access to contribute to the wiki.





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New to DDOT? Want to know how to contact staff members, reserve a conference room or research what the agency's involved in? Below are links to sources that will help you learn more about the agency, reach out to colleagues and get moving.

 Agency Initiatives  |  Director's Biography  |  (319) 460-9572  |  DDOT Library  |  Floor Map  |  Printer Map  |  Conference Room Map  |  416-748-0772

 (817) 469-4176


Working at DDOT has its perks. File your time and manage your benefits using DDOT's PeopleSoft portal. Find out more about using the agency's in-house gym and free access to Capital Bikeshare and DC Circulator.

Welcome Booklet  |  Employee Directory 

PeopleSoft e-time  |   906-696-4639  |   Free Circulator Access  |   Free Capital Bikeshare Memberships  |  226-344-3930 

 (587) 824-3162


The source for all things DDOT. Get the scoop on what's happening around the agency through the d. Report, the agency's internal newsletter, and in the transportation sector in general (TRB Newsletter). Stay briefed on how the agency is being covered in the press (DDOT in the News). See what employees have made their mark as DDOT MVPs through the agency's Employee Recognition Program. 

(903) 697-4081  |  TRB Newsletter  |  5812263032  |  thumb turn  |  Employee Recognition Program  |  DDOT MVP Hall of Fame


DDOT Training

Whether you are starting out or starting over, DDOT's training programs can take you where you want to go. Below are links to information about agency-related training, travel and enrichment.

Submit a Travel/Training Request  |   4314997767  |   3368580639 |  Home |  314-824-0035


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Help Desk/Service Request

Having computer trouble? Want to talk to an HR representative or get your cubicle fixed? Please visit our various service request portals.

IT Service Request  |   HR Service Request  |   cantilene  |   5148800067 |   Fleet Share  |  DDOT Fleet (Traka)


 (808) 852-1005

Questions & Answers

Want to learn more about how to use the d. wiki? See below for links to tutorials and various recommendations on how to contribute to the wiki.

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Related Links

Links to DDOT-related information, the internal websites of several District Government agencies and other useful sources.

(757) 544-5615  |  ProTrack+  |  8432056446  |  407-650-9907 |  PeopleSoft e-time |  Employee Directory  |  Web Applications & Forms  |  Human Resources (HR)  |  DDOT Policies and Procedures  

2537737368  |  812-488-4597  |  Research and Development  |  Guide to Management Support  |  Microsoft Office 365  |  9704565675  |  OCP Intranet


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DDOT's Functional Areas of Organization


Economic Development



Policy & Governmental Affairs

Civil Rights


Senior & Elderly Affairs

Office of General Council (OGC)

Project Delivery

Project Delivery

(405) 200-0357

Planning & Sustainability Division (PSD)

  • Planning
  • Active Transportation
  • Freight
  • Research
  • Environmental

Transit Delivery Division (TDD)

  • Home
  • Streetcar
  • Passenger Rail

Traffic Engineering & Safety (TESD)



Public Space Regulation (PSRD)

Parking & Ground Transportation (PGTD)

  • Parking Meters

Urban Forestry (UFA)

Maintenance Division (MD)

  • Asset Management
  • Street & Bridge Maintenance
  • Street Light Management
  • Sign Maintenance
  • Pavement Markings

Transportation Operations & Safety Division (TOSD)

  • Traffic Control (TCOs)
  • School Crossing Guards
  • Traffic Management Center (TMC)
  • Traffic Signals
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
  • Roadway Operations Patrol (ROP)



Human Resources

5758949426 | Submit a Travel/Training Request


Resource Allocation

Contracting & Procurement




Performance Management

Customer Service

Fleet & Facilities

304-242-0858 (OITI)


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