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Bryan Beckman

Our Services:
- Residential & Commercial
- IT Consulting
- Desktop & Laptop Repair
- Networking
- Custom Computer Systems
- Refurbished Desktops
- Virus Removal & Protection
- Data Recovery
- On-Site and Off-Site Data Backup


Welcome to Beckman Computer Solutions

Do you have a Disaster Recovery Plan?
Let us put your mind at ease with Disaster Recovery solutions for your business.
Data Backup
Store full disk backups on-site to allow for faster recovery from hardware and software failures. Backup critical data to off-site servers in case of a natural disaster or unnatural disaster. As the statistics show having a solid data backup system can protect you from 97 percent of data loss causes. Statistics: 44 percent of data loss occurs because of hardware failure and system malfunction, 32 percent of data loss occurs from human error, 14 percent due to software corruption, and 3 percent of data loss occurs because of a natural disaster.
Virus Protection
Managed antivirus solutions to protect against viruses. The cost of antivirus is minimal when weighed against the cost of data loss, client dissatisfaction, and downtime. Statistics: 7 percent of data loss is caused by viruses. In the United States, $6.4 million of work time is lost every day due to virus attacks.
Need more space?
We can build and configure a storage solution for you ranging from a couple terabytes to hundreds of terabytes.

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