A Case For Action

Image of Volunteer WorkersHigh utility costs impose a significant financial burden
for many low- income families, often representing their second highest monthly expense. The inability to pay utilities is second only to inability to pay rent as a reason for homelessness.  A recent survey of low-income households found that during the prior five years, due to their utility bills, 57% of non-elderly owners went without medical or dental care, 25% could not make their rent or mortgage payment, and 24% went without food for at least one day. As utility costs continue to increase, the problem will worsen.The elderly and children are most at risk during summer and winter months where temperature extremes can be fatal. 

In 2008, Austin Energy received over 4,000 requests for utility payment assistance, and was only able to help 1,063 of those customers.  As utility costs continue to increase, the problem will worsen.

There is a Solution

1house at a timeTM helps the most vulnerable members of our community live more comfortably in their homes and reduce their environmental footprint while alleviating the strain of high utility bills.  By making these homes more resource efficient (reduce water, energy, and material use), installing solar electricity-generating systems, utilizing renewable energy technologies, and educating homeowners and volunteers, we help people achieve financial self-sufficiency and improve their health and quality of life.

1house at a timeTM is a program of A Nurtured World a 501(c)(3) research and educational not-for-profit corporation dedidicated to transforming the way people think about the environmental impact of their day-to-day activities - at home and in the workplace. We help people live environmentally sustainable, financially successful, and satisfying lives.

Want to see what A Nurtured WorldÂ’s 1house at a time TM program is doing for the community? Brad Love of Angel Productions has put together this amazing video for us.

A Letter from a 1House Participant:

Betty Ford asked that I write and tell you how very much she and Raymond appreciate the work done by all of you at their house several Saturdays ago.  When Betty first learned that their house had been selected she called - crying - to tell of the good news.  Increasing the efficiency of the house (including providing a new refrigerator) will greatly reduce their utility bills over the upcoming months.  To all who cleaned the yards, added insulation to the attic, cut sheetrock, replaced rotted boards, weather stripped doors and windows, replaced light bulbs, and much more...a most grateful thank you.  It is truly heart warming to know that there are people who help total strangers and are willing to give up valuable time to make a difference.  You folks are the best !

Charles Sikes for Betty and Raymond Ford

Meals on Wheels of Austin featured us as a Partner in Progress. Visit 7692238434 for more information. (Note: If the video doesn't show up on the web page below, click the 626-931-6040.)

Our Mission

 1house at a timeTM is committed to improving the quality of life of low-income homeowners through our residential resource efficiency (RRE) work events and renewable energy installations.  Our events encourage community building and civic engagement through hands-on experience that benefits both the homeowners and the volunteers financially and also reduces environmental footprint.

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Community College

What is new?


We have been working with Austin Community College to develop a new hands-on installation application for their students enrolled in the renewable energy degree program called 'Training Tomorrow'. The installations will benefit local low -income homeowners. Stay tuned for more developments as this partnership unfolds. The first student installation took place in the early April, with a second to follow at the end of April. 

We now have a certified instructor and curricula available to partner with any university interested in offering solar design and installation, energy efficiency, and weatherization classes.  These classes can qualify for ARRA funding for green job training. 


We are also soliciting funding to expand the 1house at a timeTM program to New Orleans, Louisiana,  Houston, Texas and surrounding communities as well as the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Chicago, Illinois, and Washington D.C.  If you are interested in starting a program in your city, please contact elizabeth@nurturedwor ld.org.


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