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When was the last time you checked your monthly bills? Not often is what most of us would say. We only bother having contact with our suppliers when a) we sign-up and b) something goes horribly wrong! But what about everything in between – you know…the regular bills. How often do you check how much […]

How to be More Water Efficient

It was only when my water stopped working one day that it hit home just how much I use, and how easily running water gets taken for granted. Water really is an everyday essential, and we owe it to ourselves and the planet to be more water efficient. On average, each of us in the […]


Many of us are looking for Energy saving devices that could save money and improve our lives at home. With manufacturers offering more energy saving products than ever before, billbutler looks at some of the gadgets can help you live a green life and save you money whilst you’re at it! LED Lighting In most […]

Ways to save on your mobile phone running costs

Many of us are being overcharged when it comes to running our mobile phones every month.  It’s a regular nuisance and can turn what should be a relatively cheap service into an expensive one. billbutler highlights some of the popular ways you can save money on your mobile: Make good use of Wi-Fi Most of […]


The kitchen is the heart of many homes up and down the country. So, it’s only fitting we try to find ways you can save money in the kitchen through better efficiency. Read our recipe of ideas: 1.      The Washing machine: Wash your clothes at 30˚ instead of 40˚ and save 1/3 off the cost […]