Venezuelans speak with a very musical cadence.

We must go across the lake by boat.

Jinny may need a new house.

It's business.

We're looking for a friend of ours.

Surely no one will look for this sentence.


Your link isn't working.


How does this soup taste?

He confessed that he was guilty.

This is not going well.

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Isn't there something else?

The teacher's method of teaching is so outmoded.

I thought Tolerant would be safe here.

We're supposed to be protecting List.

He is a warm-hearted man.

You ought not to have done that.

And so does my brother.

Don't generalize about an entire group of people just because you had some bad experiences.

One must be respectful when speaking, and not say obscene things.

That's old news.

Yesterday afternoon I wrote a letter.

This I have to see.

When the politician died, everybody hoped the son would follow in his father's footsteps.


That's for suckers.

He knows better than to lend you money.

Ginny is plucking a chicken.


Let's do the work.

Wilmer has done a remarkable job.

He looks familiar.

I have to change.

I like Gerald very much.

Now I know why people get into so many car accidents when it rains.

Gil was in the service.


That's what I think, too.

Look at what you did.

I smoked.

Stay the hell away from her!

I don't wanna clean up dog shit.

Can't someone else do this?

I need him to sign this.

There are so many languages in the world but there is not any word that can express how much I love you.

I think I have about enough time to do that.


Why don't you seem as happy as I am?


Trent talked with his friends about it.


I was vaccinated against the flu.

She drinks only water.

May I interrupt you a while?

There was steady economic improvement.

In a pinch, a vegetable peeler can act as a zester.

Maybe I've been misinformed.

Are there people in your class you get along with?

John was in such a hurry that he had no time for talking.

The best way to have a friend is to be a friend.

I love this mobile phone.

It meant nothing to me.

They never learn!

Stephanie stayed up late last night.

Jared knew why the cat scratched Dirk.

Didn't you say you had some pull with Rafael?


I just wanted to tell Huey something.

We have no idea how they came to that conclusion.

I agreed to the proposal.


What really happened out there?

Mikey cut his finger on a piece of glass.

Novo is jealous, isn't he?

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He walked in front of me.

He had a strange dream last night.

Stu had business in the city.


Are you not hungry?


He stuck his head round the door.

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I'm going to have to tell Srinivasan about this.


Merton lives next door to us.


Do you honestly believe Art is telling the truth?

Joubert did the dishes for Vishal.

Someone knew we were coming.

Sheila put on so much weight that he had to have his pants let out.

She began piano lessons when she was six years old.

Yumi will become a teacher.

We didn't intend to attack him.

Swamy doesn't feel the same way we do.

The temperature on Mercury gets so hot it could melt a tin pan.

Are you trying to blackmail me?

Slavery was not abolished in the U.S. until 1865.

You seem pretty busy here.

Could you write down the chord progression for this song?

Spass tried to sell his old VCR instead of throwing it away, but no one would buy it, so he ended up throwing it away.

I'd just like to say I'm sorry.


The coin was struck by a die.


I forgot to call up Mr Ford.


I am from the City of Manila.

Urs said that he wanted to be alone and then he went upstairs to his bedroom.

I'm going to visit Jon in the hospital.

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That's a really good hospital.

We're a pretty good team.

If you carelessly ask, "got a boyfriend?" she'll be put on her guard and say, "why do you ask?"

I'm never going to talk to Hitoshi again.

Has anything like this ever happened to you before?


Stay away from my stuff.


He became famous all over the world.

Listen well to what I say.

We saw your truck on the road.

Will you have some more pie?

Who cares about soup?


A trilogy usually has three parts.

Please correct the following sentence.

There were only three of us.

Do you still hate French?

So, after the death of the prophet, we are again alone.

Taxes should be levied in proportion to ability to pay and in proportion to the benefits received. Income was wisely chosen as the measure of benefits and of ability to pay.

I thought perhaps no one else would agree with me.


Did someone break your heart?


I really should mop the floor.

It is worthwhile remembering the moral.

Could you serve this meal without salt?

We have to trust one another.

Tell her the problem is solved.

I saw Hazel a short time ago.

I told Peggy I was busy.

There is, perhaps, not one of our natural passions so hard to subdue as vanity.

I visited her, but she was not home.


The teacher said: "Of course, it's possible".

You're the only person I can trust.

Don't bring the dog in.


You're being weird.

I urge you to tell him the truth.

I'll never return.

On New Year's Eve, Putin thanked the citizens of the Russian Federation for their willingness to stand for the country's interests.

I thought you were a doctor.


Is this news true?

She is charming as well as diligent.

The smell is disgusting.

It is the mouth that gives occasion for shame, and the coat of mail and helmet give occasion to war.

Gordon wanted me to ask Harold if she liked him.

He is good for nothing.

She poked her nose into her sister's business.

Jeffie came back again.

I swear I'll always protect you.

We captured them.

True freedom is not in what you do, but in the way you choose to live what you do, and that faculty belongs just to you.

That makes a difference.

Kurt's parents vetoed her summer plans.


Marek says he doesn't want to get into a shouting match.

I couldn't speak Japanese.

Where did I put my reading glasses?

She has a big butt.

There's no reason to feel embarrassed. Your pronunciation is generally correct.


White collar crime has made American people trust the government less.


I'm so hungry.

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I'm here for another reason.

You couldn't do it, could you?

Do you think Curt believed what you said?


I know that wasn't the answer you wanted.


When you come back, I'll be gone.


Holding hands can express love between two people.

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His idea was imprinted on my mind.

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Bea recently came back from his trip in Sicilia.

They refused to release the hostages.

These are on sale everywhere.


Sergiu likes Boston better than any other place he's lived.

I love shopping for clothes.

I wasn't talking...