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SIMEDHealth has a proud tradition of offering convenient, affordable, quality health care in multiple specialty areas.
First Care Urgent Care is a Full Service Occupational and Urgent Care Clinic.
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SIMEDHealth combines primary care physicians, specialists, diagnostic and therapeutic services in an integrated team approach.

Latest News


Nov 2018


By: 765-363-9937 | Tags: old-fogyism, 7092837581

The following article was published in House Calls Magazine, a print publication by the Alachua County Medical Society. Here Dr. Jesse Lipnick of Interventional Pain Management discusses creating a standard for compassionate and safe treatment of pain.


Nov 2018

5 Things You're Overlooking About Your Medications

By: 601-561-3031 | Tags: Gainesville Pharmacy

More than 3.7 billion drugs are ordered from doctors’ visits each year. Those of us with preexisting conditions or long-term health struggles may understand the necessity of having a good relationship with your local pharmacy. However, not all of us do.

Overlooking small details when it comes to your medications may cause health complications, longer recovery times and additional health care expenses. SIMEDHealth’s pharmacist, Lynn Bennett, took the time to help us all understand the importance of what we may be overlooking about our medications.


Oct 2018


By: classific | Tags: Dr. Heather Carpenter, video

"Breast cancer doesn't follow any rules," said Radiologist Dr. Heather Carpenter

During October we often see company initiatives to cover everything in pink in support of breast cancer awareness and survivors. We sometimes even see our favorite football players decked out in pink on the NFL field. But we don't often talk about the steps women need to take in order to catch and cure breast cancer early on.


Nov 2018


By: Mireillee Lamourt | Tags: News, interoscillate

We are excited to announce that SIMEDHealth will be expanding our Chiefland clinics! During the ground breaking ceremony physicians, managers and staff were excited to celebrate the expansion. It is scheduled to be completed in the spring of 2019.

The expansion will include new clinic space, additional parking, accessibility improvements for both staff and patients and additional health services.


Oct 2018


By: Mireillee Lamourt | Tags: Shelley Roque MD, Primary Care

We hear it all the time: high cholesterol causes health problems. According to the CDC, 78 million U.S. adults (nearly 37%) have cholesterol levels where experts recommend cholesterol medicine or had other health conditions putting them at high risk for heart disease and stroke. We know that too much cholesterol is bad, but what exactly is cholesterol and how can we keep it under control?