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How do we work?

Enhance your social footprint with Advantage Crowd. We give you a full overview of your social media presence and the impact it has on your life. Take the FREE 7-day trial and link your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts to your dashboard to get started today.

Equipped with this information, Advantage Crowd will then work out your social score, and will show you all the component parts. We also provide the tools you’ll need to start improving it.

Use our tools to find out your score

Tasks for Improvement

Understand what action you need to take to improve your social score. Simply complete each task on your list, then check it off as done on Advantage Crowd to see the effect on your overall score.

Dashboard and total score

See a clear overview of your social score, along with a breakdown showing all the positive and negative factors affecting it. You can also get a clear view of how your personal information is displayed on all your social profiles, and understand the impact of your social, geographical and spending activity on your score.

Personality traits

Advantage Crowd will give you a fully-reasoned overview on how others view you on social media, by analysing the five key personality traits, the words you use most frequently in your posts, and the people you’re closest to online.

Social guides

Understand the impact of your social media activity with five simple, informative guides to help you learn how your social score affects you, and what you can do to improve it.

Just how important is a social score to you?

Just how important is a social score to you?

Employers, lenders and people can build a picture of you by analysing your social media activity. They can use this information to assess you as a professional, borrower or individual.

Don’t let your online activities get in the way of your ambitions – Advantage Crowd will guide you through the obstacles to a better social score.