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Discover the most powerful tools for relaxing and
manifesting your Heart's deepest desires

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Susan M. Castle

Radiant Heart Therapist,
AFT Practitioner
Personal Coach, Author, Healer
Retreat Seminar/Leader

Welcome! I am delighted you found your way here.

You're invited to begin a powerful journey... a
journey leading you to creating the life of your
Heart's deepest desires.

The resources within this website are designed
to assist you in quieting your mind, freeing yourself from any emotional pain or blocks that prevent you from living the life your Heart truly desires.

I invite you to take the most powerful journey
of your lifetime - a journey away from your mind and deep into your Heart and reconnect to your Spirit - where manifesting becomes easy.



Discover an Intelligence 5,000 times more powerful than your mind and how you can use it to manifest beyond your wildest dreams

Coaching Sessions
AFT, EFT, Essence Method, Theta Healing, The Mind-Heart Integration Process

Discover the powerful Creating Your Heart's Vision
Home Study Program

*Lake Geneva Qi Gong Retreat
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About The Author
Open Your Heart To Love
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Discover How To Live And
Create From Your Heart

Relaxation secrets for improved health, wealth, and peace of mind
Inspirational ideas on how to relax,
create more abundance, enjoy good
health, feel more happiness and peace
and create the Life you desire

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