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    …in a Real Estate Professional? That’s simple: an Honest, Trustworthy and Reputable Agent who can successfully navigate them through the often-daunting and growing-ever-more-complex process of buying or selling a home. The most recent National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers (see “Most Important Factors When Choosing an Agent” below) makes this clear…

    …and the frustration is being EXACTLY what you know people want – an Honest, Trustworthy Real Estate Professional with a great Reputation – and not being able to effectively leverage those qualities. How do you translate your superior Clients Service Characteristics into more clients and more income? Especially when the the internet is so full of ego-driven, “I’m number one” shouting Agents who so often win the business simply because of their willingness to boast, brag and exaggerate?

    …is the Verified Professional Agent™ (VPA™) Verification. The Verification is NOT a “designation” that can be purchased…it can ONLY be earned. VPAs™ have their Critical Client Service Credentials OBJECTIVELY VERIFIED. Only experienced, full time real estate professionals with clean records of ethical conduct and proven track records of client satisfaction qualify to be VPAs™ (see the list of qualifications which we Verify at the bottom of this page). This gives you EXACTLY the competitive edge and advantage you’ve been looking for…

    Got a VPA™?

    Are you currently working with an agent?  Find out if your agent is a Verified Professional Agent™ (VPA™). Your home is your most valuable asset – why take any chances?

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    Why Use a Verified Professional Agent™?

    1. On the Mark What do Buyers & Sellers REALLY want in an Agent? Honesty, Trustworthiness & a great Reputation. These are EXACTLY the things we Verify. Win more business!
    2. You’re Special Less than 1% of Agents are VPA™s. Get Verified and gain INSTANT Differentiation. Your VPA™ status is the perfect centerpiece of your personal branding strategy.
    3. More Income A Wall Street Journal study showed that people are willing to pay more for ethically provided goods & services. You’re an honest agent. It’s time for you to fully leverage that.
    4. Reputation Boost “Online Reputation” is one of the hottest topics in real estate today. Becoming a VPA™ is the ultimate way to protect, leverage and optimize your online reputation.Reputation Boost

    Most Important Factors When Choosing an AgentExcerpted from the National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers


    Per the most recent National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, the “most important factor” people look for when choosing an Agent is honesty and trustworthiness (at 31%), and the second most important factor is the Agent’s reputation (at 23%). But these qualities are not necessarily easy for buyers and sellers to find or identify.

    That’s because, in real estate, it’s often hard to tell the good from the bad. The choices are seemingly infinite, and the internet is full of subjective, not-entirely-reliable data and reviews about Agents. So, how do buyers and sellers choose the right Agent? Very often, they don’t, as the polls and surveys continue to tell us. Until now, the public  has not had an objective, credible source to help them locate the kind of honest, trustworthy and reputable Agent that they desire and deserve. Like YOU.

    And that’s EXACTLY why we created We INDEPENDENTLY Verify PRECISELY those things we know people most want when selecting a Real Estate Professional, and we do it objectively, by going straight to the third party sources who can corroborate these important factors. Specifically, we Verify ALL of the following:

    • Agent is a Full-Time Professional
    • Agent has Significant Recent Experience
    • Agent has a Clean Ethical Record with applicable State Licensing Authority
    • Agent is Recommended by at Least 10 Fully Satisfied Past Clients
    • Agent is Confirmed as Professional, Ethical and Competent by at Least Three Peer Agents from Other Brands

    The totality of these Verifications provides each and ever Verified Professional Agent™ with EXACTLY the Critical Client Service Characteristics that people MOST WANT when selecting an Agent. The playing field just got leveled…

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